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What are those black streaks on your roof?

The streaks are an algae that feed on the Limestone that’s in your shingles. The algae grows as it eats more limestone on your roof, so you will notice the stains increase with time.

Roof cleaning can enhance the curb appeal of your home by 100% in just a few hours!

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Roof cleaning in Lakeland, Florida

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Our Tampa Roof Cleaning Service

Your roof is an investment. We protect it with a professional service that gets it looking like it did the day it was first installed.

Our solution is soft washing. This is the preferred method for roof cleaning, as it protects your shingles and landscaping, yields better results, and keeps your property safe from damage. Our equipment uses a dedicated roof pump set up to gently distribute cleaning solution and water on your roofing. We:

  • Inspect the roof to map out a customized work plan

  • Start watering surrounding greenery to saturate the landscaping and protect it from the solutions used to clean

  • Apply detergent to your shingles

  • Give the solution time to break down mold, mildew, and stains

  • Conduct a post-inspection

We’re committed to safety. All of our technicians follow established safety protocol, and all of our equipment is industry-approved. The result is better for your roof, safer for your property, and secure for our technicians.

With regular roof cleaning maintenance, your roof can look better and serve you for the long-term.


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Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post about Roof Cleaning

“Black streaks running down your roof aren’t a sign that the asphalt shingles are dissolving or that you need a new roof. Rather, you have roof algae.

The organisms arrive on the rooftop as either spores or clumps of cells. If they land on the north side of the roof, where the sun is less harsh and moisture more plentiful, the algae will have a good environment to multiply, spreading in a delta down the slope of the roof.

Asphalt shingles contain limestone, which makes them heavy, durable and reflective. Roof algae over time will slowly consume the limestone, ultimately weakening the shingles.

Algae cells produce a dark pigment that acts as a sunscreen, protecting the cells from the sun. As this pigment accumulates on shingles, the roof becomes less reflective and absorbs more sunlight, which is transferred into the house as heat, raising cooling costs.”

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