Get Your Pool Deck Ready for Summer Fun!

Spring is just around the corner, and the warm weather is tempting us back towards the poolside!

Traditional Cleanup Routines

Unfortunately, months of storms often create a less-than-welcoming entrance for our outdoor oasis; the leaves, dirt, and other grime that accumulates during the winter season takes its toll on the aesthetics of our swimming pools. What should be an exciting prospect – a refreshing pool just waiting to get splashed in – becomes a source of stress after seeing the state of the deck. When you’re dealing with a mess that has been accumulating for month,s traditional cleanup routines won’t cut it; you might as well leave that sponge and broom in the closet.

Pool Deck Pressure Washing

To get your outdoor space primed for warm weather fun, you can rely on the most effective cleaning method of all: Pool deck pressure washing.


This technique utilizes low-pressure technology, cleaning every crevice of your pool deck to leave it spotless. With this solution, you can forget about the grime and the dirt: Pull your swimsuit out of the closet and enjoy a day of sunbathing in your clean, inviting environment, instead!

Don’t let a grimy porch deck steal away your summer fun. Xcellent Xteriors provides an efficient and effective pool deck cleaning process that will make your outdoor space shine with an approach that is as safe as it is successful.

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